My Weigh KD-7000 Digital Stainless-Steel Food Scale

The My Weigh KD-7000 Professional Scale is the standard by which all other kitchen, hobby, shipping, office & other scales like that will now be judged! There is simply no better mid-sized scale for your kitchen, office, or home! The KD-7000 is both easy to clean and easy to use. Double-Stopper protection, a strong, reinforced & removable Stainless-Steel Platform, and modular construction make this scale extremely durable.

This scale includes a Removable Clear Protective Hard-Cover & two Disposable Soft-Covers that help protect the buttons and LCD from damage (great for messy recipes, soap-making, candle-making, acids & anything that causes a mess or drips which can make your screen unreadable & possibly damage it & the buttons). With a large 7 kg (15.4lb) capacity and precise 1 gram (0.1oz) reading, this scale is an incredible value.

The KD-7000 reads in Grams, Ounces, Pounds, & Kilograms, which makes them perfect for Home, Office, Kitchen, Veterinary Clinics (to weigh smaller animals), Postal & Shipping and thousands of other uses. See why this scale has become a household name!

Product Features

  • Capacity: 7,000g / 15lb 0.1oz / 15.45lb / 246.9oz / 7kg
  • Readability: 1g / 0.1oz / 0.002lb / 0.05oz / 0.001kg
  • Units: Grams, Pounds: Ounces, Pounds, Ounces, Kilograms
  • Included Accessories: 1 x Hard-Plastic Removable Faceplate Covers – 2 x Soft-Plastic Removable Faceplate Covers – Stainless-Steel Platform
  • MyWeigh 30-Year Lifetime Warranty

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2 thoughts on “My Weigh KD-7000 Digital Stainless-Steel Food Scale

  1. Using in restaurant and it works very well Works really well in my restaurant. I like the plastic cover to protect the buttons from flour and grime. Use it to weigh cheese for pizza. It shuts off pretty fast if you don’t use it continuously but that is ok. It starts up fast and weighs very fast which is important on a food line. Can use a plug adapter to keep it on without turning off. Hopefully it holds up to hard daily use. Been over a month and no problems so thats good. Will report back. So far very happy with this as I…

  2. A great scale at a great price. When I first started looking for a digital kitchen scale I was determined to buy something made in America and not China. It’s not that I dislike China or Chinese people, but buying a product made in China doesn’t give anyone in this country a job. Even well known scale makers like Ohaus (who used to make most or all of their stuff in the USA) have moved their production to China. Very sad.That having been said, I’ll get off my soapbox long enough to tell you that looking for…

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