Vacuum Sealer and Digital Kitchen Scale with Premium LED Screen, Viotte Automatic Vacuum Air Sealing System for Food Preservation and Food Weight Measurement

Why choose Viotte Vacuum Sealing System ?

ViotteVS6600M Vacuum food sealer is powerful and easy to use. Its heavy-duty construction and top of the line performance make it efficient to keep foods fresher longer and prevent freezer burn.
Kitchen scale design makes it easier to weigh things anytime and anywhere because it can be powered by 2 AAA batteries(not included in packages) without plugging power cord in . Moreover, digital scale is removable.
Seal/vacuum seal is practical. Dry/moist food and normal/gentle speed mode to choose according to the goods you need to vacuum seal.
You can also enjoy your self-driving tour with the vacuum sealer because it has AC and DC ports. You can power this appliance by plugging DC power cord into the cigartte lighter.
With attached vacuum hose, you can short press the red button in the side of the sealer to extract air from vacuum bottles or long press this button to use the pickling function.
Built-in slicer is convenient to cut bags to the size as you like.
The Vacuum Sealer can keep non-food items from air and moisture like silver(keep the luster), travel supplies(keep dry and in order) and other valuables.

1.In order to seal well do not fill bags too full.
2.Make sure the bag mouse is dry and flat.
3.Do not put foods with vacuum bags into microwave oven to heat.
4.When constantly use, please cool down it for about 60 seconds to prevent overheating.
5.The maximum weight is 2kg. Digtal scale and vacuum sealer function can’t be used at the same time. When using other container to weigh liquid or powder food, please press the “Tare” button. Press the “Mode” button to convert weight unit(g,kg,oz,lb).
6.The DC port can only be connected with 12V current.

Package contents:
·1 x Vacuum Sealer
·1 x User Manual
·1 x Power cord
·10 x vacuum bags
·1 x long vacuum bag roll
·1 x vacuum hose

Product Features

  • Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer :Different from other plastic vacuum machine the stainless steel construction makes Viotte vacuum sealer durable for long-term use and easy to clean.Use this vacuum sealer to preserve fresh meats product, keeps food fresh up to 5x longer.
  • Innovative design: This innovative vacuum sealer with a built in kitchen scale, without buying an extra kitchen scale,saving you money and space .
  • Multiple patterns:Two vacuum modes (dry & wet), two seal modes (normal & gentle) and marinate mode.
  • Electromagnet Locks:Save effort than ordinary lock.This vacuum sealer has electromagnets on both sides to auto lock the machine when activated, it will lock and unlock automatically.
  • Starter Kit Includes:1* vacuum sealer machine, 5 *bags, 1* bag roll, 1*canister hose, 1*built – in kitchen scale, 1*power cable.The machine is not only suitable for food but also suitable for household items, such as documents.

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