Digital Kitchen Scale,Stainless Steel Food Scale with LCD Display, 11lb 5kg, Silver(Batteries included)

Basic Characteristics High-precision sensor This product is designed with two units(metric system and British system)which can be converted mutually by pressing UNIT button.
Manual Turn-off: Press ON/OFF button for a while,This product adopts the,environmen-friendly design,to use its turn-off function. Overload Prompt:When this prompt sign appears during weighing,
it means the current load exceeds the maximum weight of this product.please take off the object immediateiy to avoid damage to the scale body.
Product Feature:
1) High-precision sensor;
2) Weighing of 5000g/lg;
3) Division value lg;
4) LCD display with negative white digital.Automatic zero point tracking;
5) Automatic turn-off;
6) Overload prompt;
7) Unit-conversion switch(g/oz/lb’oz).
1) Put the loading plate(if any)on the scale body;
2) Press ON botton to turn on the scale;
3) No loading or weighing can be done before the display resets to zero.
Low VoltageI Prompt:When the battery is low,the left prompt sign will appear on the upper left corner of the display,please replace the battery right away.

Product Features

  • Precision Measurement: 11lb/5kg capacity, 0.1oz/1g division. High precision sensors always provice you accurate weight
  • The digital kitchen scale is designed with stainless steel platform with anti-fingerprint function for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Environmen-friendly design: After inactivity for a while,the scale adopts the switch off mode without worry that forget to turn off the scale
  • Measurement switch in oz ,ml, lb/oz, or g. Backlit display for clear readability with low battery and overload indication
  • 2 x AAA batteries included. No risk purchase-100% money back guarantee.If you are not happy with footrest, we would offer full refund with no hassle

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