LEM Products Stainless Steel Scale

LEM Products 435 Stainless Steel Scale: Take advantage of this large, heavy duty stainless steel scale that weighs items up to 44 pounds. The scale has a large 8″ dial and measures pounds in 2 ounce increments or kilograms in 50-gram increments. Sturdy steel base supports a large 10″ x 8″ stainless steel platform. A quality unit at a sensible price. Weight: 5 pounds. LEM Products makes home meat processing easy!

We deliver high quality meat processing equipment: meat grinders, jerky making equipment, and vacuum sealers along with the needed supplies for the hunter and home meat processor. Our products allow everyone from butchers, restaurants, and the at-home meat processor to make delicious sausage, jerky and other meat products, all while controlling the healthy content of the foods they provide for their family and friends.

Our goal is to deliver high quality products that make food preparation easy and fun. We will support our customers with end-to-end service and guaranteed satisfaction. We believe home processing to be an essential part of the outdoor experience and will continue to promote the responsible use of our greatest gift, the bountiful outdoors.

Product Features

  • Weighs anything up to 44 pounds
  • Large 8″ dial
  • Weighs pounds in 2 ounce increments
  • Weighs kilograms in 50 gram increments
  • Sturdy stainless steel base supports large 10″ x 8″ stainless steel platform

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2 thoughts on “LEM Products Stainless Steel Scale

  1. Works better with a slight modification I run a small wholesale produce company and work the farmer’s market in the summer for a little spending cash. I needed a scale that could (1) look good, (2) weigh 20-40 lbs wholesale boxes, and (3) weigh 1-5lbs. purchases at the farmer’s market. I got this one because it fit my budget and supposedly fit all three of my needs. Unfortunately its given me a lot of trouble over the last several months. For one, the wing nuts that hold the platform onto the top of the spring bar constantly fell off…

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