GoWISE USA Digital Body Fat Scale – FDA Approved – Measures Weight, Body Fat, Water & Bone Mass, 400 lbs Capacity, Tempered Glass (Lavender)

This GoWISE USA Body Fat scale measures four components of the body: body fat, body water, bone, and muscle mass. It is equipped with four high precision sensors on a tempered glass platform. This scale uses a measurement method called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). This type of technology uses a minute electrical current and passes it through the body to make estimate measurements of each component. It has built-in memory for 8 users. This Digital Glass body scale has an Auto-On function, LCD backlight, a touch switch, a slim design with a special hanging hole design, a weight capacity of 400 lbs., and an athlete mode. Athlete mode uses additional software to calculate accurate results for highly active individuals. It is powered by (2) CR2032 batteries (included). This scale is NOT intended for use by pregnant women or children under the age of 18. It should also NOT be used by anyone with an implanted medical device (such as a pacemaker, metal plates or screws; or contraceptive devices). If in doubt, contact your physician.

Product Features

  • FDA Approved; Body Fat Scale with Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology that estimates body fat, water, muscle, and bone
  • Tempered Glass Platform; LCD display with blue LED backlight; 8 user memory
  • Weight capacity : 400 lbs
  • Special hanging hole and ultra slim design (easy to take away); New Model has 4 stainless steel sensors
  • Auto “Step On” technology, touch buttons and touch switch

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Kasio Digital Pro Pocket Scale Jewelry & Kitchen Multifunction food Scale,Tare, Hold and PCS Features (Silver) (1000g/0.1g)

About the Service and Guarantee
We promise all of our products including Digital Kitchen Scale. Our service team will answer all your questions within 15 hrs. If you are not happy with the quality for any reason, we will issue prompt refund, no questions asked.

More Detail about the scale : Our digital pro pocket weight scale has a high accuracy , meet a high range of needs with consistent and reliable results. It has a scale cover and a platform cover , protect the scale from damaged . Perfectlly measuring ingredients, postage, medication, jewelry and more with a weight capacity of up to 3000 grams. Calculate in g, oz, dwt, ct, and gn and convert between units instantly with a single press of a button without having to re-measure. It has bright blue backlit LCD screen which will help you do your work on the evening or under the faint light environment . It’s quick and easy to manually calibrate and the scale includes auto taring capability for easy weight subtraction and summation.
The scale is built with high quality stainless steel for a longer lifetime and easier maintenance. It’s small and lightweight, making it easy to store and take on the go without excessive added weight, bulk or hassle.
Help your family to try different cooking styles and make different dishes enjoying your wonderful family leisure time

Weight Capacity : 3000g /2000g /1000g /500g
Measurement Units: g, oz, dwt, ct, gn
Function Buttons: Power / Mode / PCS / Tare
Product size: 16*13*1.5cm
Product Weight:275g

Packaging Include
1 Digital Scale
2 AAA Batteries
1 User’s Guide
2 plastic trays

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Product Features

  • Important : when u received the scale , pls Re install the battery correctly .
  • The top 3kg/2kg/1kg/0.5kg three kinds Equipped with high precision sensors to provide the most accurate weight readings. Refined accuracy 0.1g / 0.01 oz, up to a weight range of 3000g is strong,fast,accurate,and user-friendly; will work great for any of your mailing,baking, cooking,food, and jewelry needs
  • Multifunction- : Scale is able to weigh in various measurements, making it perfect for all your weighing needs. Weighs in g, oz., ct., ozt., dwt and gn. Whether you are weighing gold, powder, medication or anything for cooking this scale has the right measurements for you
  • This scale can double up as a postal scale; the pcs function gives you an accurate count,the T function will provide a net weight and the M function helps you choose the proper unit
  • Petite and Compact: Made for easy storage clean and lightweight portability; Sleek stainless steel build for easy maintenance and reinforced platform strength.

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Digital Kitchen Scale With Bowl – Lightweight, Blue

Knows Its Weigh Around the Kitchen
Rationing is an important aspect of cooking, baking and storing food. Whether you’re measuring a couple grams of herbs or a few pounds off a chunk of meat, Ivation’s clever bowl scale proves its handiness in endless situations. It fits all the mechanisms and electronics into the bed and corner of a large, useful bowl. So you simply drop anything into the bowl, get a super-accurate weight reading in a second, and pour directly from it into a mixing bowl, pot or storage bag.

One-piece design. Multiple weight units.
Our scale focuses on usability and ease of operation. The one-piece design is sleek and exceptionally lightweight, making it natural to move around the kitchen. The pressure sensors that serve as the collective weighing system are loaded into the four rubberized stability feet for accuracy and seamless looks. This gives you precise readings of ounces, milliliters, pounds:ounces, and grams at the press of a button. Due to the sensitivity of the sensors, waiting a second after pressing any buttons will achieve a more perfect reading.

Working the One-Button Tare Function
When using a container etc. to weigh another object, you want to know the exact weight of the object without the container’s added weight. The Ivation bowl scale has a great tare function to accomplish just that. Start by placing the empty container in the bowl. The display will show you that empty weight. Press the power button, and the weight reading will go down to “0”, effectively adjusting the measuring guide. Proceed to place the object into the container or plate, and thus get an accurate net weight reading.

Product Features

  • Scale Integrated Into Kitchen Bowl
  • Sturdy & Lightweight w/Digital Display
  • Easy-Press Buttons w/Tare Function
  • Runs on 2 AAA Batteries
  • Measures Approximately 7″ x 7″ 2.25″

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