Meykey 11lb Digital Kitchen Food Scale Removable 2.15L Liquid Volume Stainless Steel Bowl, with Alarm Timer & Temperature Sensor

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Digital Kitchen Scale with Red LED Display, Sooreally High Definition Multifunction Stainless steel Food Scale 11lb/ 5000g (Batteries Included)

How to use:
For the first time to use, remove the insulation tape and the kitchen scale will automatically power on.
Put the scale on a plat table or platform and select the needed unit from oz, ml, lb, g.

Where to use:
Ideal for baking, cooking, post and jewelry weighing.
A perfect gift to friends and families. A wonderful kitchen scale which can be used every day and convenient for your daily life.

1. We use high definition RED LED display. Classic design outlook.
You don’t need to worry about the unclear display, it is very bright and clear at different angles. The LED display has 3 unique advantages:
High definition
Long lifetime
Large visual angle

2. High precision sensors for accurate weight.
We use high precision sensors for this kitchen scale, it provides accurate weight value and stable reading.

3. Tare function

4. Unit memory function

5. Automatically shut down & Energy saving function

6. Convenient storage

7. Low power alarm

8. Compact and lightweight design and easy to carry for travel.

Product size: 4.92*5.91*0.94 in
Product weight: 0.84 lb
Unit: oz, ml, lb, g
Weighing platform: 304 high-quality stainless steel material
Max. capacity: 5000g/ 11lb/ 176oz/ 5000ml
Division: 1g/ 0.001lb/ 0.01oz/ 1ml
Power supply: 3* AAA 1.5V batteries

1 x Kitchen scale
3 x batteries included inside
1 x user manual
1 x warranty card

Product Features

  • Portable kitchen scale with 4 units available, maximum capacity 11lb/ 5000g/ 176oz/ 5000ml. 1g/ 0.01oz division. High precision sensor to provide accurate weight all the time. Ideal for baking, cooking, post and jewelry weighing.
  • Featured with Bright Red LED display effects, the figures can be shown very clearly. Large visual angle, High definition, Long lifetime. No worries about unclear using experience.
  • User-Friendly– Tare function to weigh easily for the foods itself without calculating the container’s weight. Low battery indication, Unit memory function, Volume measurement available. Easy for cleaning.
  • Push-pull design hook on the side of the product, can easily hang on the kitchen shelf, easy for storage, and convenient for the next time use. Compact & Lightweight design, easy to carry anywhere for travel (4.92*5.91*0.94 in/ 0.84lb).
  • Energy Saving– Automatically power off after idle 60 seconds to save energy (3pcs AAA 1.5V batteries included). 365 days guaranty, 30 days back money guaranty.

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Digital kitchen Scale with Removable Bamboo Cutting Board, Stainless Steel Tray- LCD Display, 11lb 5kg, Great for Baking, Cheese & More by Nutrifit, Including Batteries and Measuring spoons

The Digital Scale and Chopping Board from Nutrifit is a premium bamboo scale that provides ample space for chopping, slicing and displaying food. The scale’s body has a tray on the right hand side for accurately weighing ingredients.

Exquisite Kitchenware:

1. Anti-fingerprint Stainless Steel Tray Design: This effectively protects the tray from damage by oil, water, bacteria and corrosion, making it durable in use.

2. Petite Design with Visual Appeal of Bamboo: The natural bamboo surface is simple and sturdy. No more fuss or clutter is necessary. Designed for easy storage and lightweight portability, the natural bamboo creates a delicate appearance for your kitchen.

3. Convenient: The separable chopping board and tray are easy to wash. The scale is perfect for when you are chopping and need to weigh chopped food quickly. The scale will turn off automatically not long after things are removed from it. It has two different units: grams and ounces.

4.User-Friendly: The precise TARE function can reset the current weight on the scales to zero, conduct quick unit conversion, support volume measurement and provide low battery indication on the white backlit display.

This high quality kitchen scale provides you with high precision results:

1. Accurate, High Precision, Wide Range: The Nutrifit chopping board scale uses a high precision strain gauge sensor system that gives you an accurate weight of up to 11 lbs / 5 kg with an index of 0.1 oz / 1 g.

2. Equipped with a Single Point of High Precision Sensors: Aluminum sensors; 5 kg / 11 lbs capacity; 0.1 oz / 1 g indexing value; providing higher accuracy than 4-point sensors.

Product Features

  • 🎓 FOOD SCALE WITH BAMBOO BOARD AND STAINLESS STEEL TRAY – THE PERFECT THREE-IN-ONE DEVICE: The cutting board, anti-fingerprint tray and digital scale body have a separation design. This platform provides a solution for cooking enthusiasts and people who are strict with their diet. When baking cakes and cookies, it is important to use exact amounts of ingredients. Now there is such a three-in-one platform which makes an easy combo. Isn’t it amazing?
  • 👍 CHOP QUICKLY! WEIGH QUICKLY! MOVE QUICKLY! WASH QUICKLY! The premium electronic cutting bamboo board provides ample space for chopping, slicing and displaying food. The drawer on the right hand side of the digital scale holds the removable stainless steel tray. After the ingredients are sliced, you can quickly put them on the scale to weigh them. After weighing, you can easily use the tray to move the ingredients as you wish. This also makes it easy to wash!
  • 🔪 WHY USE A BAMBOO CHOPPING BOARD? – Compared with most wood or metal and plastic cutting board, bamboo cutting boards are antibacterial, stronger, easier to clean and scratch-resistant. Bamboo boards are made of natural plant material. The water absorption of bamboo is much lower than that of wood, preventing mold and making it easier to dry after washing. Compared with wooden boards, the beautiful bamboo finish brings a warm and stylish look to any kitchen. It will not be damaged by woodworm.
  • 📖 EASY OPERATION & MULTI FUCTION – The matching bamboo electronic scale delivers precise readings in 2 units (grams and ounces) up to a 5 kg capacity (11 lbs). The beautiful white extra-large backlit LCD display features one touch commands, overload and low battery indicators, and auto shutoff. The helpful auto-zero setting offers incredible precision; the scale quickly switches back to zero when weighing multiple ingredients in a single session.
  • 🧀 COMES WITH EXTRAS: The 3-piece bamboo cutting board set with free dough scraper (2×AAA battery included), free lifetime friendly services and 1 year warranty. It is the best cutting board and scale for chef, women and men. It can be the food, vegetable, cheese or cake cutting board, or baby food scale, it also can be a cat & dog food scale.

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