KEDSUM Digital Kitchen Scale Multifunction Food Scale, 33lb/15kg, Water-Resistant Tempered Glass Surface, Anti-Fingerprint Stainless Steel Brushed Platform, Touch Button

KEDSUM Digital Electronic Kitchen Scale

Accurate:KEDSUM digital kitchen food scale features 4 high precision strain gauge sensors to ensure more accurate weighing results, to deliver superior accuracy and the fastest response times for the quick placed chef.
Stainless Steel: This compact kitchen scale features a high quality brushed chrome stainless steel platform and its modern design make the scale safe and fashionable.
Easily Readable LCD Display: The screen features a bright LCD blue backlight with an improved viewing angle for the on-the-move chef.
Low battery indication: When “LO” appears on the screen, indicates the battery is out of power, need to change the new batteries.
Overload indication: “Err” shows on the screen, indicates overload.
Tare Function: Also has Tare Function, which allows you to subtract the weight of an empty container or tray for net weighing determination. No More Miscalculations!
Multi-function: Perfect for weighing your ingredients and know exactly how many ounces(or grams) you are dealing with. Can be used as coffee scale as well, the scale has a 15000g capacity.
Auto power off: Can be turned off automatically after inactivity of 120 seconds.

Color: Silver
Platform material: Stainless steel
Max Capacity: 15000g
Accuracy: 1g
Covert weight unit: g/oz/lb/ml
Low battery indication: LO
Overload indication: Err
Auto Off: Inactivity of 90 seconds
LCD display with blue backlight
Size: 8(L)x 5.3(W) x 0.51(T) inch

Package Included:
1* KEDSUM Electronic Kitchen Scales
1* Instructions Document

Product Features

  • ▶High-Precision: food scale equipped with four larger highly precision sensors by 0.1oz/1g division, to ensure accurate weight measurement up to 33lb/15kg Capacity, ideal for postage and jewelry
  • ▶Water-Resistant: kitchen scale designed with a slim and srong bearing tempered glass platform to ensure a water-resistant surface, perfect for baking, cooking
  • ▶Anti-Fingerprint & Clear Backlit: cooking scale features gold plated stainless coating surface which adopted the anti-fingerprint technology for easy to clean. Its clear larger backlit lcd display to offer fastest easy reading
  • ▶Auto Tare Funtion: baking scale tare button built with sensitive touch highly precision sensors to quickly zero out and calculate the next weight of food, provide fastest response times for the quick placed chef
  • ▶User-Friendly: digital scale can quick switch unit in oz, lb:oz, ml, g and kg with unit setting memory, hanging loop design and 120s auto-off of inactivity time, low battery and overload indication, 2 x AAA batteries included; CE FCC ROHS certificated

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Finnhomy Digital Kitchen Scale for Food Water or Milk Multifunction Cooking Baking Scale Big Clear LCD Display Tempered Glass Wide Platform 8kg 17.6lb Extra Large Capacity Tare Function Easy to Clean

This is a
White, nice look, slim sleek and precision scale,
With tempered glass platform,
Clear display,
Both for home and office use,
Just try, we will not let you down!

Two volume unit systems ml / fl’oz and Two weight unit systems g / lb:oz are built in. So it could be used to scale solid food’s weight, milk and water’s weight and volume.

Sensitive touch keys.
White tempered glass platform.
Large ultra-clear LCD screen.
Mode key, Zero/tare function, auto power off, volume/weight conversion.
Lower power or over load indication

Step 1: Place the scale on a hard and flat surface
Step 2: Press “ZERO” to turn on the scale or clear the weight of the container (or reset to zero). Step 3: Put on the food or other stuff you want to scale gently. The weight will be showed by screen.
Step 4: If you are scale water or milk, you can touch MODE key to convert scale system to be weight-water volume-milk volume circularly. (The scale will auto-off after approximate 60s when no operation.)
Step: 5: Convert unit system of Metric or Imperial just push the “UNIT” Button at the bottom of scale.

Notice: when touch scale body or push the key, display will change, and it will return to normal and correct after removing the finger.

Capacity: 17.6/8kg (Notice: when scale stuff lighter than 5g, it is better to use a container and tare function.
Model No. : EK9160K
Division: 0.1oz / 1g
Unit: g/kg, ml; lb:oz, fl’oz
Dimension: 9.1×6.7×0.6in (23cm x 17cm x 1.5cm)
Power: 1x3V CR2032 lithium batteries (included)

We offer a 2 YEAR WARRANTY and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Product Features

  • 4 high precision sensors deliver accurate result. 1g / 0.1oz division, 8kg / 17.6lb extra large capacity. Could be used at home for cooking, baking, diet plan checking. Also could be used in office for postage.
  • Capable indicate volume of water and milk with unit g/kg, ml; lb:oz, fl’oz, when loading more than 1000g, unit will auto convert to be kg.
  • With touch key, ultra clear and big screen, and sleek tempered glass platform, anti-slid silicon feet, TARE / ZERO function, auto switch off (after 2 min. of inactivity), low battery / over load indication, let it easy to use and clean.
  • Meet CE/ROHS requirement. Dimension: 9.1×6.7×0.6in. Weight 1.17lb. Use 1x3V CR2032 lithium batteries (included). Please remove isolation sheet before use;
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We offer a 2 YEAR WARRANTY and 30 days money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfactory to it or you have any suggestion for our products please let us know. We are keeping improving.

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Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale by Utilax, Show Room Temperature, Sleek Design, Backlit Display, 6 mm Tempered Glass, Easy To use (White)

Weight Capacity: 180kg (400lbs)
Graduation: 0.05kg (0.2lb)
Units: Kg/lbs
Size: 6mm and 30*30cm Tempered Glass
Auto-Multifunction: Low Battery/ Overload Indication; Auto On/Off/Zero
LCD Display: 3.1″

How to use:
1. Place 2 AAA batteries in the battery compartment on the back of the scale.
2. To switch units, press the unit key on the back of scale to choose between kg/lb.
3. Keep the scale on the flat surface.
4. Step on the glass platform, and the scale will turn on automatically.
5. Stand still for some seconds until LCD display shows your body weight.
6. The scale will turn off automatically after 10 seconds.

1. For the best accuracy, please lay the digital weight scale on a hard and flat surface, and stand on the central area. Avoid carpet or soft surface.
2. To avoid inaccurate weight results, please recalibrate the scale after physically moving or shifting it or after replacing the batteries.
3. To calibrate, apply weight on the scale, then step off and wait for several seconds for the LCD screen to display “0.0”. Then, step back on the scale to reach the accurate results.
4. Please note that your body weight naturally fluctuates throughout the day. People are lighter when they wake up, heavier in the middle of the day, and lighten again toward the end of the day.

Package information
1* Utilax Body Weight Scale
1* User Manual and Weight Record Table
2* 1.5V AAA Batteries

Product Features

  • HIGH PRECISION READING: The precise sensors in the scale will read your weight with a 0.2 lb / 3 oz accuracy, displaying the result on a back-lit LCD display.
  • EXTREMELY SIMPLE TO USE: No more tapping or turning on a switch! Simply step on the scale and then you get an instant readout.
  • ALL THE FEATURES YOU NEED: In the simple and sleek design are packed all the features you need – Auto On/Off, Auto-Zero, Low Battery and Overload Indication, plus room temperature display. It comes with a weight record table to track your weight everyday.
  • TEMPERED STRENGTH: Built with a thick and durable 6 mm tempered glass platform – 4 times stronger than normal glass – to assist you with years of safe and easy weight tracking for your entire family.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We stand behind our product and offer 100%, lifetime money back guarantee. We promise to provide you with the best value with zero risk!

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