My Weigh KD-7000 Digital Stainless-Steel Food Scale

The My Weigh KD-7000 Professional Scale is the standard by which all other kitchen, hobby, shipping, office & other scales like that will now be judged! There is simply no better mid-sized scale for your kitchen, office, or home! The KD-7000 is both easy to clean and easy to use. Double-Stopper protection, a strong, reinforced & removable Stainless-Steel Platform, and modular construction make this scale extremely durable.

This scale includes a Removable Clear Protective Hard-Cover & two Disposable Soft-Covers that help protect the buttons and LCD from damage (great for messy recipes, soap-making, candle-making, acids & anything that causes a mess or drips which can make your screen unreadable & possibly damage it & the buttons). With a large 7 kg (15.4lb) capacity and precise 1 gram (0.1oz) reading, this scale is an incredible value.

The KD-7000 reads in Grams, Ounces, Pounds, & Kilograms, which makes them perfect for Home, Office, Kitchen, Veterinary Clinics (to weigh smaller animals), Postal & Shipping and thousands of other uses. See why this scale has become a household name!

Product Features

  • Capacity: 7,000g / 15lb 0.1oz / 15.45lb / 246.9oz / 7kg
  • Readability: 1g / 0.1oz / 0.002lb / 0.05oz / 0.001kg
  • Units: Grams, Pounds: Ounces, Pounds, Ounces, Kilograms
  • Included Accessories: 1 x Hard-Plastic Removable Faceplate Covers – 2 x Soft-Plastic Removable Faceplate Covers – Stainless-Steel Platform
  • MyWeigh 30-Year Lifetime Warranty

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Smart Weigh Comfort Baby Scale with 3 Weighing Modes, 44 Pound (lbs) Capacity, Accurate Digital Scale for Infants, Toddlers, and Babies

Perfect for Babies
Smooth curved platform is comfortable for baby while also making it easy to clean up. Tare option allows parents to place a blanket on the scale first and still get an accurate weight reading

Advanced Technology, Simple Use
Crafted with high precision sensors, infant scale ensures the most accurate and consistent readings of weight. Press the ON/OFF button and place the child on the scale, in seconds their weight will be displayed in users unit of choice. Switching between units is simple with the use of the unit button

Weight Capacity – 44 lbs/20kg
Dimensions – 32.5cm x 54.8cm x 3.6cm
Modes – kg / lb / st;lb
Minimum Effective Weight – 10g
Power – 2 x AAA Batteries (included)

Buy Smart Weigh product with confidence! Smart Weigh Digital Baby Scale comes with a 2 Year Warranty

Product Features

  • Large, smooth surface with a curved platform comfortably cradles your child
  • Accurate readings in seconds. Can be displayed Kilograms (kg), and Pounds (lb)
  • Simply place scale on flat surface- do not use on carpet. Turn on the scale and place your baby on the scale tray. Weight will display and flash.
  • Easy to use tare option allows you to put blankets on the scale for comfort. Auto off function
  • Smart Weigh products include 2 Year Warranty for 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction

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Weigh Gram Scale Digital Pocket Scale,100g by 0.01g,Digital Grams Scale, Food Scale, Jewelry Scale Black, Kitchen Scale (TOP-100)

The Weigh Gram Top-100 Series Pocket Scale is a great durable and compact pocket scale for those seeking an on-the-go high-tech portable scale. The Pocket Scale’s back lit LCD display helps make the numbers viewable and easy to read. The intuitive protective cover provides protection for the pocket scale and the smooth stainless steel weighing surface makes clean up easy.

Product Features

  • This Pocket Scale allows you to weigh a maximum capacity of a 100g and readabilities of 0.01g, to guarantee you an accurate and precise weighing session
  • The Top-100 Pocket Scale designed with a stainless steel platform and a protective flip cover, this pocket scale is a lightweight and Portable for easy transfer.
  • Pocket Scale have easy touch buttons, large size digits and stark contrast LCD blue backlit display, makes it easy to read in all light conditions.
  • Pocket Scale Featuring 4 different weight modes: g / oz / ozt / dwt for easy weight translations, tare function for net determination and a 60 second auto shut off to preserve battery life
  • Pocket Scale 10-year warranty,You Use the Weigh Gram Top-100 Pocket scale to measure a versatile range of objects. Such as; Gold, Silver, Coins, Jewelry, Gems and other small knickknacks

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