Brifit Digital Kitchen Scale, 11lb/5KG, Accurate Weighing Water, Milk, Liquids & Foods, Electronic Food/Baking Scale with Backlight LCD Display, Tare Function, Auto OFF, Batteries Included (White)

Brifit Digital Kitchen Scale is an easy-to-use kitchen scale. You can use it in your kitchen. It can help you to take less time on prep time. The kitchen scale features easy-to-read LCD screen, tare function and convertible units.


  1. Equipped with a high precision sensor, provides accurate measurement results.
  2. Multiple units: g/ml(water/milk) /lb:oz /oz, a touch key to convert.
  3. Support auto-zero, auto off and tare function.
  4. Clear result displayed on LCD screen with blue backlight.
  5. Simple to operate: low battery, overload, negative weight indicator
  6. Compact and light design, provides positive user experience.


  1. Units: g/ ml(water/milk)/ lb:oz/ oz
  2. Capacity: 5000g/ 5000ml/ 11Ib:0.4oz/ 176oz
  3. Function Key: UNIT, TARE/ON/OFF
  4. Auto off: 60 seconds
  5. Power supply: 2 x AAA batteries (Included)
  6. Platform size: 15 x 14.5cm (5.9 x 5.7in)
  7. Scale size: 15 x 21 x 3cm (5.9 x 8.3 x 1.2in)

Package Included:

1 x Kitchen Scale
1 x User Manual
2 x AAA Batteries

Product Features

  • ACCURATE MEASUREMENT: Built with a high precision sensor, the digital kitchen scale can measure the weight of foods, snacks, ingredients or liquids precisely. It weighs up to 11 lbs (5000 grams) and the graduations is 0.04 oz (1 gram). Give you accurate weight, better to cook, bake or do cuisine, and perfect for you to use and store in kitchen.
  • CLEAR TO READ: Equipped with 2 touch keys on the side of the kitchen scale, you can press the “UNIT” key to convert the units in pounds(lb), ounces(oz), grams(g), milliliter(ml) and lb:oz easily and it displays clear digits with blue backlight on the LCD screen, thus you can read results effortlessly.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONS: The kitchen scale features auto-zero, auto-off and tare functions. You can weigh ingredients, liquids or other food in a glass, plate or bowl with ease. Moreover, it will auto-off when there is no operation in 60 seconds.
  • EASY TO USE: The LCD screen can display low battery, overload and negative weight indicator, offering you convenience to operate the kitchen scale. Runs on 2 AAA batteries (Included), and it is easy to insert the batteries into battery compartment.
  • USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: The scale with non-slip rubber pad on the bottom, you can put it on the table firmly. The platform with arc design prevents things from slipping off, and you can disassemble the platform to clean it quickly and easily.

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Aickar Multifunction Food Scale,Digital Kitchen Food Scale,Weigh Scales,Baking Scale,Digital Personal Nutrition Scale,Multifunction Kitchen Weight Scale,Food Weighing Scale,11lb 5kg-Black

Buy it now and you will have a good health management expert. Our this Aickar digital kitchen multifunction food scale can be a good health management expert for you,it can weigh vegetables,fruits,meats,nuts,water,milk and so on.Both solid and liquid food (water & milk) can get an accurate measurement in short time,our goal is to bring you precision measuring device that will ensure many years of quality and realiability.Not only a good dry food scale,but also a good baking scale,every family deserve to own such a wonderful kitchen cooking scale. 2-Buttons Operation: There are only two operate buttons on the digital food scale,”UNIT” and “TARE”,it is very easy to switch. TARE: Manual on/Manual off/Tare to zero UNIT: You can press it to change between weight↔water volume ↔milk volume,and between lb:oz ↔g,ml↔fl’oz. Tare Function: Pres “Tare” button to allow you to deduct the weight/volume of a container from the total weight in order to determine the net weight/volume of the contents excluding the weight of the container which holds them.Or weigh one food first then get the second food’s weight without moving the first food.It is a fast food weighing scale. Product Specification: Four units conversion : two weight units:g,lb:oz;two volume units:ml,fl’oz Three mode conversion : weight,water volume,milk volume Max Capacity : 5kg/11lb:0.4oz/5000ml/176fl’oz Division: 1g/0.1lb:oz/1ml/0.1fl”oz Material: plastic food scale LCD Display Functions: -negative value, g:weight unit, T:tare weight, Net Weight: 413g Kitchen Scale Accessories: 1* High Precision Aickar Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale (Include a scale tray ) 2*AAA Batteries 1* User Manual

Product Features

  • ❤Multifunctional — Aickar Kitchen Weight Scale allows you to measure both weight and volumn of food fast and easily in g, lb:oz, fl’oz and ml. This multifuntion food scale weighs up to 5kg, 11lb:0.4oz, 5000ml and 176fl’oz. Switch between weight mode, water volume mode and milk volume mode freely with a touch of a button.
  • ❤Fast & Precise—This electric food scale has a LCD display that reads the weight & volume quickly and clearly. It’s high precision strain gauge sensor that is accurate to 1g/0.1lb:oz, 1ml/0.1 fl’oz makes it one of the best digital multifunction kitchen and food scales on the market.
  • ❤Tare Function—This digital kitchen food scale can weigh food continuously.The tare function allows you to weigh items consecutively without removing them from the scale.You can easily clear the weight of a plate,bowl,bowl,cup or other container from the scale,independently measure multiple items in the container.
  • ❤Easy Unit Conversion—There are only two buttons,UNIT and TARE.It is very easy to switch among weight ↔ water volume ↔ milk volume mode,and between lb:oz↔g,ml ↔ fl’oz by slightly tap “UNIT”.Slightly tap “TARE” to manual ON or tare to zero,long press it to manual OFF.It will auto power off in about 2 minutes of inactivity.
  • ❤Long Time Guaranteed—Our this black kitchen scale has 30-day money back guarantee & 2 years warranty.Any questions about it please feel free to contact us first,you’ll get a fast response within 24 hours.

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Smart Weigh Premium High Precision Digital Milligram Scale with Case, Tweezers, Calibration Weights and Three Weighing Pans, 50 x 0.001g

High Precision Milligram Scale
This Smart Weigh scale is a beautiful and convenient addition to your home. It is extremely precise and is great for weighing finer items such as gold, jewelry, powders or medications!

Using your new Smart Weigh Scale
First Use: When you are ready to start weighing on your Smart Weigh scale, first make sure it is on a hard flat surface to ensure an accurate reading. This scale comes with batteries included, so place these in the scale and get weighing!
Using the “TARE” function: If you need to weigh an object that can only be weighed in a container, such as a liquid or powder, the “TARE” function is extremely helpful. Simply place the container on the platform, press and hold the “TARE” button, and then place whatever you are weighing into the container. This will help take the guesswork out of weighing objects that are not as easily weighed.
Enabling/Disabling the Auto-Off Function: This scale comes equipped with an auto-off function. After 60 seconds of inactivity, the scale will automatically shut off. There is an option to shut off this feature which is convenient when weighing items that are fine and require an extremely precise measurement. You can now take your time when measuring all of your items! PCS Function: This scale also comes with a piece counting function. Simply change the mode, place a sample amount on the scale platform and then add products. The scale will count the number of items on the scale for you! This function is great for anyone who has to count tedious items, such as medications or coins!

What’s Included
Smart Weigh High Precision Digital Milligram Scale
3 Weighing Trays
2 20 Gram Calibration Weights
Storage Case

Smart Weigh Scales comes with a 2 Year Warranty

Product Features

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL- Scale is able to weigh in various measurements, making it perfect for all your weighing needs! Weighs in g, oz., ct., ozt., dwt and gn. Whether you are weighing gold, powder, medication or anything for cooking this scale has the right measurements for you!
  • AUTOMATIC SHUT OFF- After 60 seconds the scale will automatically shut off so you do not waste your battery. However, this scale comes with the rare and unique option to shut this feature off! Simply disable the automatic shut off and your measurement will stay on the LCD display for as long as you need. This feature is extremely convenient for items that are very fine and whose measurements need to be precise, such as medications and powders.
  • ACCURATE- Utilizes high precision sensor system to get an accurate reading every time! This scale has a thousandth of a gram accuracy (0.001g) so it is extremely precise. This accuracy takes the guesswork out of measuring finer items, so you can just place the items on the scale and know that your reading is the most accurate it can be with this top of the line scale!
  • TARE FUNCTION- Scale comes with a tare function for items that are difficult to weigh and need to be placed in a container or on one of the weighing pans. Place your container or pan on the scale, press the tare function and then put your items in the container/pan.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION- All of our Smart Weigh scales are individually tested and backed with a 2-year warranty.

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